Prickled thing

Fresh Playdough and modelling clay activity using leaves. Making prickles is so fun!


one-year-olds and older


  • Learning pushing the playdough/clay balls flat
  • Leaning rolling playdough/clay balls
  • Learning the world around us
  • Improving fine motor skills
  • Improving tactile sensation
  • Improving imagination ability
  • Improving creative thinking


Printable hedgehog card
Playdough/Modelling clay
Natural materials: leaves and berries


  1. Print out the hedgehog card
  2. Collect oblong leaves and berries such as ashberries
  3. Enjoy playing!


Our hedgehog has lost its prickles! Let’s help it to find them! Then let the hedgehog collect some berries to bring them home. Tear off small pieces of playdough/clay to make balls. Encourage the kid to push them flat on the hedgehog and to push leaves into the clay. Older kids do everything by themselves.

Use various techniques while playing! Let the kid draw grass, the sun with clouds or the moon with stars, rain, or even sea and other animals. Or cut and paste them using colored paper! The more creative, the more interesting. Place the craft somewhere in the house to show your proud of the kid and just share the feeling of joy and happiness because you did it together and had a real fun!


Now watch the way we’re doing it and play alike!
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