Lovely town

Newspapers cut and paste activity: build a town!


one-year-olds and older


  • Color sorting
  • Learning cutting with scissors
  • Learning gluing
  • Learning shapes: triangle, rectangle, circle, trapezium
  • Learning day-night terms
  • Improving fine motor skills
  • Improving imagination ability
  • Improving creative thinking


Colored paper
Marker pens


  1. Cut rectangles and squares for walls out of newspapers.
  2. Cut roofs of various shapes out of colored paper. Cut the round in half.
  3. Cut hares or other animals matching the color of the roofs.
  4. Cut out any other town elements you like: the sun, the moon, grass, flowers.
  5. Draw windows and doors with a marker pen.
  6. Preare a black sheet for a night town and a white one for a day town.
  7. Enjoy playing!


For one year olds cut out all the elements by yourself and encourage the kid to paste them.

For toddlers (if the kid can cut) encourage him or her to cut out a half-circle, a trapezium, a triangle, a rectangle, a square. Then let him or her paste them.

Let your kid settle the hares on the roofs of their houses matching colors.

A very interesting technique is to mix cut&paste and drawing. The kid can draw any elements that he or she likes to see in the town (the sun, the moon, grass, flowers, street lights).


Now watch the way we’re doing it and play alike!
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