Little village

Make a lovely little village and role-play!


one-year-olds and older


  • Learning cutting with scissors
  • Improving memory
  • Improving fine motor skills
  • Matching the colors
  • Role playing


Paper cups
Marker pens
Colored paper


  1. Place a paper cup upside down and draw a house with a marker pen (windows, door). Use only one color for one house
  2. Cut a round out of colored paper matching the door color
  3. Cut the round toward the center
  4. Stick two edges of the cut together to make a roof
  5. Enjoy playing!


For infants play hide-and-seek. Hide animal toys in the houses to encourage the kid to find them. Name the colors
For one year olds go on with role playing, hide-and-seek. Name the colors, ask the kid to match the roof and the door. Or just let him or her put the roofs on the houses.
For toddlers (if the kid can cut with scissors) encourage him or her to cut out a round, then to do a cut and stick the edges to make a roof. All the above games are great for toddlers too.


Now watch the way we’re doing it and play alike!
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